Need confirmation of a bug in IE-11

I seem to have found a new “Bug” in IE-11.

IF you have multiple tabs open, close one then right click on a link to open something in a new tab it reopens the last closed tab.

Has anyone else experienced this.

Mainly what I’m looking for is for someone who has IE-11 installed try this and see if they get the same result

BTW, I’m Running Windows7 x64 if that makes a difference

I gave this a try on my PC (Windows 7 x64 with IE11), but it didn’t seem to do anything unusual.

Here’s a recording from my end, where I open a few websites in different tabs, closed two and then opened two links in new tabs.


I also tried this closing one tab, but couldn’t repeat the above issue.

What I did notice is that when I open something in a new tab, the tabs change colour. In the above video, the tabs went pink and when I tried again, they went yellow. I generally don’t use Internet Explorer, so may be this is normal and something I never noticed before.

I’ve found that is doesn’t do it all the time

and only when I have multiple tabs open close two or more
then try to open a new tab.

And only then when I attempt to open a new tab within 60seconds
or so of closing the last one, then instead of a new tab based on the
link I right clicked it opens the last one closed.

It only happens a bit more than half the time.

And yes it still does it even after rebooting…

This is something I only just noticed and I thought I was at fault by clicking
on “reopen closed tab” by accident instead of clicking on “open in New Tab”

It is not a major problem but it is annoying to have to close the unintended
tab and try again.

So far the intended tab always opens on the second attempt.

Someone on another forum suggested it was a wireless mouse problem
only problem is I use a WIRED (Logitech) Trackman wheel mouse.

It is my considered opinion that if I use a wired mouse I can find it at one end of the wire or the other, I’ve previously lose wireless mice)