Need complete walkthrough

Hello all,

My sister has recently purchased some DVD’s from Ireland, coded region 2. As we are located in Canada (region 1) her DVD’s won’t play in our players. Due to illness, she can’t watch them on her computer. I offered to see if I could get them to play on my computer (which they can), and then to see if I could somehow record them onto CD (VCD), with the region changed or removed as required, so that she can watch her shows on a regular player.

I’ve been trying to figure out this DVD copying thing for well over a week now, and I’ve just about reached my frazzle limit. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around what possibilities are open to me, and how the ripping/copying programs work.

Hopefully, some of you kind folk may be able to guide/instruct me how to do this, if I can. I do have some questions though. (Stupid ones, no doubt, but I’ve got to start somewhere.:slight_smile:

Can a complete DVD be copied to a single CD-R?

What special measures do I have to take for the region setting?

Program recommendations? I’m not willing to spend money for this. Are there any reasonable freeware applications that will work for me?

Here’s some info. that may be of use.

OS: Windows XP

Drive(s): DVD player only, CD CD-R\RW

I have already tried DVD Decrypter, DVD Rip N Burn, DVD2AVI, and SmartRipper. With the first 2 I have managed to rip some files to my hard drive (one in *.IFO etc. files, the other in *.gi files), but from there, I can neither play them, nor copy them to CD-R. The others simply would not do anything.

I’ll stop there for now. Thanks in advance.

Take care!


Try EazyVcd.

It can reduce a complete dvd down to 1 cdr in xvcd mode but unless the movie is comparatively short the quality will be very poor.

Essentially, you’ll get about 79min of movie in vcd format onto a single 80min cdr. If you want to record a movie that more than a few minutes longer than that, you’ll get much better quality if you use normal vcd mode and split it between 2 or (for long movies) 3 discs. [Note that EazyVcd will do this for you automatically.]

You might also want to consider svcd, the quality is a lot beter. If memory serves back when I was doing a lot of svcd, it was very rare that I would have to use 4 disks. Most movies (even long ones) would fit on three.