Need comments on SOHC-5232KX combo drive

Dear all, i’m a newbie about to join LiteOn family=) Due to my toshiba laptop’s intolerable pickyness… I just decided to get an external combo drive… and I am about to buy a LiteOn SOHC-5232KX.

My questions are,

(1) does it come with any software? I checked a lot of places couldn’t find a definite answer.

(2) any comment on this drive? I’d appreciate any comment from 5232 owners.

(1) It should come with software, even if it is OEM…but ask the seller to be sure…

(2) I am not a 5232 owner, but it seems to me that spending a few $$$ more for a dvd burner would be a worthwhile investment, if you are interested in that at all.

Are you saying some other company OEM this drive for LiteOn? Or there are two product lines?

As for the next level burner it would be a Sony 800UL. I am still deciding whether to spend C$60 more (800UL costs C$180 on official website, with 25 bonus DVD+R; 5232KS is about C$105 plus shipping…). Thanks anyway.

@ bnmjkl
I am saying liteons come as retail version or OEM version. Retail has a retail box with whatever is in it (disc,cable,papers), OEM is just the drive and a disc. Liteon is a manufacturer and is sold as rebadges for many other companies, including Sony…a Sony is a rebadged Liteon, or more correctly, a product of the Sony/Liteon alliance …the 800 is a Liteon 1693…you may find it cheaper as a Liteon.

two models to consider, the 5232k and its clone the Sony crx320, they are pretty much similar apart from the liteon you don’t need to enable the turbo feature to get 52x recording, the drive’s performance is pretty solid and recommended