Need Clonedvd serial and registration number to upgrade



I am trying to upgrade my version of clonedvd to clonedvd I downloaded the update from and elby and they are now asking for my serial code and registration name in order to get the online key i need to use the new version. i don’t seem to have this information. any idea how to get around this so i can used clonedvd 2? need to be pointed in the right direction or to a website with this type of info. thanks!


You are switching from one CloneDVD to a different one from a different company. Pay the $40, the Elby version is worth it.


Pay the man it is worth it indeed i love this program support is speedy as well. $40 you can’t go wroung and get you a video club membership why you at it.


Where did you get your key for clonedvd


He shouldn’t have to pay again.

Click ‘About’ in CloneDVD. I don’t remember if the older versions had that info, though…


If you have your CloneDVD 1 product from elby website online, you can install CloneDVD2 right away. Update is free. If you bought the version in the box, you need to exchange your key. Install CloneDVD2, it will tell you, what you need to do. Key exchange is free, too.


Olli, you are the man. :slight_smile:


alguien necesita el clone cd con licensia??? lo tengo…


too bad for you i remember som ehigh school spanish.

this guy is asking if anyone needs (Deleted)

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he must have missed reading the spanish forum rules :iagree: LOL


Sorry, but the request for or offer of serial codes, cracks, etc. are not allowed on this forum. :disagree:

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