Need clarifications with what can download and what can't

Hi, i’m a newbie and i just moved to Australia lately. Back in my home country i used to download japanese animations, Us Tv series (smallville, supernatural…), and porns (Only normal US and JAP, no child porn or bestiality). Can anyone tell what exactly is Australia’s policy against bittorrent/p2p? What is legal to download and what is not? What’s gonna happen if: i download japanese animation from some chinese website, US and JAP porn, plus smallville and other series VIA BT? Plz guide me here. Thanks. :bigsmile:

The law in Australia is very similar to US law due to our Free Trade Agreement with the States. That doesn’t stop a lot of people downloading and lots of Aussies do. HOWEVER, I have heard of people getting rather nasty emails from their ISP telling them to cease and desist or their account will be frozen. This is usually after a complaint from a relevant authority in the States. I think your best option is to use legal pay sites…that way you avoid any hassles.
BTW, welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

P.S… read the forum rules before asking about illegal downloading. CDf is totally against illegal downloading and I support this position.