Need cheap video card for old computer

I’ve got a Dell XPS T600 that was bought in 1999. It works fine for basic office tasks. The video card died and I need a replacement. It had an AGP 16MB 3dfx Voodoo3 3000D originally installed and that worked fine. The computer is running Win98SE. Looking to get a cheap replacement video card. Ideas?

such video cards are worth next to nothing these days, if you’re simply doing office stuff on it (no games) then any old piece of junk should work if you want 32bit colour at 1280x1024 etc then a card over say 8mb should do that, i wouldnt pay more than £5 ($10) second hand.

Yeah, I was hoping to snag something for $10 to $15 including shipping off of Ebay, but trying to wade through all of the listings is confusing. I do want the card to at least measure up to the performance of the old one. But I’m afraid of buying something too new that won’t be compatible with this old computer

You pc should be able to handle any of the agp video cards. Anything above an NVIDA TI4200 should be decent, and for ATI’s I would start around a 9600 Radeon. They will play most games, just not as well as some of the newer cards. I’m still running a TI4200 in my old Compaq, and so far it has played all the games my kids try. Granted they don’t have the resolution and frame rates like my newer dell’s, but they do play.

try to snag one of these for cheap, they should all give you equal or better performance compared to your old card. Just remember that since they are all used there is a chance they won’t last long (then again they might last 10 years)

Thanks for the info and links. On the bad card I’ll be replacing, the part that goes into the slot is divided into two sections…one long section and one shorter section. I noticed on those Ebay cards that there are 3 short sections. Are they all the same? Just wanting to make sure the AGP slot on my motherboard would be compatible.

This image shows both styles I’m talking about.

You need to get an AGP 3.3V-keyed card, not the 0.8V/1.5V-keyed cards. See here. I had that same exact card in my T450 before. I don’t recall if the AGP slot is a universal or not, in which case, you might be ok with the lower-voltage types.

I was looking for something like that website, but couldn’t find it…thanks!

Yeah, it looks like I need a 3.3V card. Any specific recommendations?

This looks like a possible go…

As long as it’s 3.3V AGP, any one should work. The one you linked should be fine. Just know that there’s no guarantee how long that one will last either. FWIW, I used to try and keep my T450 updated, but eventually, it just wasn’t worth it. Eventually, I just stripped the parts and either sold or gave them away.

AGP is backward compatible (except I don’t think you can run a new 8x card in an old 1x or 2x slot, not entirely sure though), I ran a Geforce 2 mx (4x agp/3 keyed) in a 1x agp gateway from 1997 (original card was 2 keyed) with no problems. you do lose a little bandwidth, but for the system and usage you’ve described it wont hurt you at all

on a side note, I am currently running the same GF2 mx in my dad’s emachines with an 8x agp slot

In ATI based cards, it appears that the 9700 was the last to support 3.3v, or 9500 and below (NOT 9550 or 9600).

Nvidia cards, a lot of them have supported 3.3v as well - the two cutouts are to pass both 1.5v and 3.3v socket keys.

I’d recommend the Geforce 2MX - I had one working on a 3.3v, AXP 2x system, and the card is also compatible with modern 1.5v systems as well (handy for test/spare)
TNT2 - lower than a 2MX

As far as I can tell, all the ebay ones you listed are “universal” - pretty well all the older 4x capable ones would be 2x/4x - 3.3v/1.5v capable.

I wanted to give an update. I ended up buying these:

I could not get the 2mx card to work in my computer. It would simply boot up with a black screen, then would shut down after a minute or so. The 3dfx card is closest to what was originally in the computer and it is working like a charm! Any ideas why the 2mx card wouldn’t work?

So I spent $22 on video cards, reformatted the hard drive, did a clean install and that computer is good to go for basic office tasks…should last another couple years.