Need Cell Phone Earpiece Advice/Opinions

Using a mobile cellular phone while operating a moving vehicle is now illegal in New York. I just got a $90 fine for driving while talking on the cell phone 3 weeks ago myself. It sucks.

It is legal to use an earpiece adaptor, but all I have ever tried or had that came with my phone suck. I tried looking on zdnet and cnet for opinions and feedback, but figured hey, what do my fellow cdfreaks have to say.

Any feedback reagrding quality and loudness ir very appreciated. Links and pictures are a plus.

P.S. - I do nto have bluetooth technology on my cell phone so those are no good to me.

Well my new nokia 3100 has a built in speakerphone and works quite well. I always liked the “in-ear with dangling microphone” sets as opposed to the ones that go all the way around your ear and have an adjustable mic. They’re just too much trouble to fiddle with when I’m driving, especially in a standard.


I just bought the Motorola HS810 wireless Bluetooth headset.
Simply put, it r0x0rs.


I wish, but check my PS

If only Verizon made a normal nice flip phone with bluetooth. Or some cradle adaptor.

I finally decided on one after reading numerous zdnet, cnet, epinions, amazon, and a few others from various forum boards.

I’ll post my satisfactory reports withit after I get it in the mail. I ordered a Plantronics model M135 earpiece. Keeping fingers crossed…

I sympathize trying to find out which Earpiece THAT COMES WITH THE PHONE is the best. All you get are articles on about Bluetooth tecnology. I got along fine with the earbud that came with my old Nokia. I liked the Samsung slider phone at upgrade time, but everyone complains about hearing me so the speaker quality isn’t all that great. I’m going to return it and would get the one with the best reviews if I could find one. I use the earpiece ALL the time for the few calls I get and make. The few calls do not warrant going around with what appears to be a blue cockroach on the side of my head.

dude this thread was last responded to in 2004…

Talking on the phone while driving seems to be as popular here in Seoul as before and just as popular as smoking while walking and waiting in front of a crosswalk. Smartphones are going ubiquitous this year. I’m considering among Samsung’s “Omnia” phone and several others that will be released when the domestic phone market’s opened in April. Omnia’s “MSRP” here is over US$500 about as expensive as Atom-based mobile computer.