Need CDR advice



CD Freaks used to have a hardware section ranking burners, overburners, etc. What's the "deal" on a SCSI burner (or IDE for that matter) which handles overburning out there now? The Teac 6x20 was "it" late last year but you can't find them anymore. Any suggestions? I'm not really interested in a R/W but it looks like that's all thats being made now.


Why do you wanna overburn???

I don’t even have any 74min. cds anymore…
Only 80min. (those are almost as expensive as 74min at my dealer, per 100)


True… Any suggestions without being concerned with overburning? I still can’t see spending the extra $$ for the R/W 'cause the discs are so cheap for just the CDR.


Okay, first of all DO buy an overburn-able (re)-writer. Why ? Ever tried copying the newer twilight on an CD. They are oversized 80 Min. CD’s. So, if you buy a writer that can oversize, you can always put more on a disc than someone who can’t. Secondly, 80 Min. disc have narrower rings. This means that the trackmotor of a cd-player must be able to follow these narrower rings in order to completely play the disc. (You can flash a PC CD-player, but not a home cd player!) So for compatibility, i always use as much 74 Min. discs as possible.

At this moment (as far as i know) you can (still) only overburn with : Yamaha, Plextor or TEAC.

With al the new ways of burning these are the ups and down of these brands :

Yamaha : can rewrite, can overburn BUT can’t write DAO-RAW (CloneCD) and can’t write CD-Text.

Teac : can write DAO-RAW, can overburn BUT can’t rewrite. I don’t know if cd-text is supported on these…

Plextor : (some) can rewrite, can write cd-text, (some) can write, DAO-RAW, can overburn BUT the firmware on most of these really sux.

If you don’t wanna use the rewriting you should definently go for a TEAC. they can read and write about anything.

Hope diz help,

pSyChO dAd


My Ricoh 7060’s (one SCSI and one IDE) over burn fine.