Need CDFreaks advice once again

its been about 3 years since i last came to this forum and asked for a good recommendation on a dvd burner and last time i decided to go with a liteon 411s. unfortunately that drive is about to be dead, and once yet again i need to ask the experts here at cdfreaks forums “which one should i buy?” :slight_smile:

I’m looking for 2 drives really, a good quality dvd-rw and a decently cheap dvd-rw, both internal of course. i’m not going to be copying cd/dvd games, so i dont really need one of those uber 3 sheep writers to my knowledge. i mainly burn cd/dvd images 24/7 and i do a lot of audio cd extraction and dvd ripping. every now and then i may copy a cd or a dvd but its not like i’m trying to copy a protected game.

so if anyone would please make me 2 recommendations on a good quality dvd-rw and a decent cheapo dvd-rw i’d be much obliged. :clap:


hi im new to this and i hope u can help i just try to back up my man of the house dvd with the new any dvd and the new 1click dvd it copy the dvd but when it was time to burn to a blank dvd it said vts_20_0 inf contains bogus data and cant be repaired

If I had to settle on two of the eight burners I own, I would go with the Liteon 1693 with speedpatch and the NEC 3520 with 1.UF firmware. This assumes you don’t need RAM.

One thing to be aware of, most quality burners are around $50 so you won’t spend a significant amount for one and not the other unless for some reason you fall in love with Plextor. Their Premium CD burner is without equal, but you have to really want quality CDs to justify the $75.