Need CD-Rom Recommendations Please



Looking for a solid all around CD-Rom -- DAE quality/performance, CD-RW read performance, low access time, etc.



cd-r(w) drives have dropped considerably and are pretty cheap now, if you bought one it would work as a burner and a reader so you might even be able to make two cds at once. Or you could go with a dvd drive, i have a toshiba dvd/cd-rw drive and its really cool and works great.


Thanks for the reply…

Three things I should have probably mentioned:

[li]Device space isn’t a factor and I already have a burner, so I have no need for a combo drive.
[/li][li]Occasionally I wish to copy CDs on the fly, so a CD-Rom reader is needed.
[/li][li]I prefer watching DVDs on a stand alone system and big screen TV:), so I have no need for a DVD-Rom.

Given the DAE performance/quality of today’s burners, DAE really isn’t that important (should have listed it last in my initial post:)). Anyway, I just need a fast reader with solid access times and good CD-RW performance. Noise isn’t a factor either.


Top of all readers is still the Plextor40TS-scsi I guess, but more expensive…
Good IDE brands are TEAC or ASUS.


If speed is your main concern, you might want to check out
It does not tell how the ruggedness of the drive is, though…