Need cd print tool v7

Hi everyone, I am trying to get a USA canon ip4820 to print to disc but i need the old “CD-print-tool-V7” will anyone help me find it? I have tried every link listed on google but because the program is some what old all links are dead.

many thanks

Welcome to the forum :flower:
I would not initially know who produced ‘CD Print Tool v7’ (These things are always easier for the subject in knowledge), but if it is Canon, a search on their site for the tool on a general, not scanner restricted. search should generate results.
In the even that this is a 3rd-party bundled tool on the original CD that came with the scanner, I’m not sure if anyone can help you as the bundled programs usually comes with a copyright and distribution restriction.

I have not yet checked any of what is written above, but if it is free, I’ll give you my best shot…please report back :flower:

One of our members, CDan, had the program at one point and shared it with others here. But that last happened in July of 2013, so I don’t know if he still has access to the program or would be willing to share it again. Perhaps he will find this thread, as he does still post here.

CDan’s attachment link: (165.6 KB)

Oh well done aztekk. I couldn’t get it for some odd reason. I’m saving a copy just in case.

You all are outstanding, thanks so much to aztekk and Kerry56 and CDan for this long lost but still needed program.

thanks much!!

Could I get that copy please? Seems that file no longer exists on here again. Thank you