Need CD/DVD writer for a Dell D600

I have a low end Dell D600 that has only a DVD ROM and really want to replace with a a burner. I’ve looked at several on line, but none seem to have the right connectors on the backside. I had purchased a Samsung external writer - which worked for about a total of 10 minutes before it died (it didn’t work with my new custom built desk top either, so it’s not a USB power problem) Is there a current DVD/CD burner available for this oldie but goody laptop??

Dave W:bow:

Any ata slim drive will work, you need to remove the adapter from your current drive and put it on the new one…Welcome to the forum.

Jethro - thanks for the reply and welcome. I wont have many inputs and questions, but do need an outlet when I get frustrated:bow:

Unfortunately, from what I can tell, I cannot remove that ATA connector any other way except via the large hammer method which is not conducive to part longevity. It looks like, after doing some more research the Dell has done “their thing” and made an almost proprietary ATA connection to the back of the existing DVD-ROM which is on the opposite side of what I believe to be the industry standard. Now, with the additional connectors inside the bay will work with another type/brand other then a SunTek or OEM Sony, I would give that a try - but without sure knowledge that would work, can’t justify ordering a ‘trial’ piece.

As a note, these proprietary Dell ‘designs’, after having a couple of early motherboard deaths are one of the reasons that I tend build my own PC type desktop computers (laptops - they are still a mystery)


It is a regular ata slim drive inside the adapter module, you need to remove the drive from the module then insert the new drive.