Need CD/DVD Storage and Backup Jukebox Style Unit

Hi everyone,

Wow I haven’t been around for a while…anyhow, I need some help from someone smarter than me on this subject.

Hewlett Packard used to make a StorageWorks Optical 30ux stand alone optical backup unit. However, these are now all discontinued.

I have a customer that needs something good that will do this job. Any of you guys know anything?

Here is a link to the HP model they wanted:

Thanks in advance!


Are you sure they are looking at CD/DVD type units? The one you linked to is a UDO-based unit (see here: ).

The unique features of UDO storage, namely some of the WORM vs. R/W vs. Compliant WORM options may be important to the client.


That’s actually probably exactly what they want. This is why I came here, many of you know much more than me.

I sourced this from Primera:

Is that comparable? If you have any other suggestions that would kick ass because I am desperate.

Thanks for the help.

Well, maybe.

What they asked for was a $4k single-disc 30GB UDO unit. Every time they fill a disc, they have to pull the disc and put in a new one. Since these are archival-specific units, each disc comes in a carrier/cartrige so as to keep the disc safe from damage and to lengthen the shelf-life of the data.

Sony’s UDO, like Sony’s PDD and Sony’s Blu-Ray, all all blue-laser based storage methods. UDO is a specialty product specifically meant to replace other older archival disc types such as MO, etc. I’d consider PDD to be the middle ground, meant for use by businesses for standard backup purposes. Blu-Ray is meant to replace consumer disc types such as DVD-R and isn’t yet a proven archival format, even at the consumer level.

So, can you see where I am going? Clearly, they are willing to pay a lot of money for a technology specifically tooled for archival storage, not for consumer storage. You’ll need to probe a bit more to find out what their real requirements are.

Now with that said, Primera does have some blu-ray equipped units available which is a disc type on par with UDO, at least in the per-disc capacity arena. However, I believe the link you posted was for DVD-R - I would query them to see if their opti-vault units are now available with blu-ray. I doubt they’d be happy with the 4.7GB/disc of DVD-R.

The bonus using a primera robotic unit is that while each disc is limited to 25GB, you can load up to 25/50/100 (Depending on model) discs which can be be swapped in when the current disc gets full.

Now, there’s also the possibility of moving to a changer/library instead of a robot - that would give the possibility of not only archival, but also on-line access to archival and would also keep discs and fingers away from eachother most of the time. The major players are Disc, JVC and Plasmon, I think. I have a Disc-made unit, so I’ll comment about them…

I know Disc now produces their “NSM” units with blu-ray drives, e.g.:

That’s nice, ~35TB of on-line blu-ray storage!

They also have UDO available in the Orion series but as mentioned above UDO is a carrier/cartrige-stored technology, so Orion units are larger, heavier and more expensive per disc of storage.

But really, you need to figure out the customer’s requirements first.



Thanks a lot for the help on this. I think you are right in saying that they won’t be happy with the Primera DVDRW drive, so I am scrapping that idea. I just phoned Primera and they do not offer an Optivault with UDO. The problem with this situation is that I am quoting this to a place that is quoting it to another place that is a consultant for yet another place. There are too many companies involved and getting questions answered is difficult.

The guy at Primera did direct me to this:

Looks like not quite what we want, but what do you think?

Basically I just want to get as close as we can to the HP drive that is no longer available, so anything UDO at around 30GB storage would be great.

Thanks again,

Well if they explicitly want UDO and not blu-ray, which is what you just stated, then no that won’t work.

Remember UDO requires carriers/cartriges and cannot be handled by a duplicator robot.

If you want to search for both UDO drives and libraries, follow this link:

Basically, that’s a froogle search on UDO with a minimum price set at $500 (to remove blanks and other stuff).

Most of the results are for large libraries, but some single-cartrige drives are there in the results - if that’s what they want (a single drive), you can narrow those results down by setting the maximum price at $5000.


There are some Plasmon drives there that look like exactly what we want. I’ll just have to find a place to actually buy them and resell.

Thanks very very much for your help on this, nobody else could give me any answers.


Cool. Let us know if it all worked out.