Need Cd Drivers

I need cd-rom drivers for my DVD-rom and Cd writer, they are both lite-on. THe model numbers are ltr522 46f and HD-1665.


Hi SsJ1_GoKu, welcome to our board!

You say you need drivers for your optical drives, right? I presume both drives are internal drives (I can’t find the types you listed on LiteOn’s website) and you are running Windows…

If so, you don’t need any drivers, as these are regular ATAPI devices, that are supported by any Windows version since 95…

If this all isn’t the case, please post some info on your system etc…

Good luck!

They are internals, but starting a few days ago whenever i put a cd into the drive windows crashes, ive uninstalled the drives through the control panel, and then before i reboot i can still play it through my sound card with the buttons on the face, so i think somehow the driver has been corrupted. My system is:
ASUS A7N8X deluxe, AMD 2500+, 512 megs of OCZ 2700 ram, the two lite-on opticals, windows XP home, 2x120gb WD Caviar SE, 80gb WD Caviar, Radeon 9500 pro.

Strange… is there any program automatically launched when you insert a disc into the drive? Could it be that this program crashes upon starting it?

I see you have a mainboard based on the NVidia NForce2 chipset. Somehow I expect you use the Nvidia IDE drivers. If so, you could try to remove them (through the System menu of the Control panel) and revert back to the MS drivers. The NVidia drivers are known to be buggy, although I never heard of this kind of problem… but you can always try ofcourse!

Good luck and report back!

It cant be a program that auto-runs because it also happens when i leave a cd in and i reboot. Ill try changeing the drivers now though.