Need Cable To Hook From HDMI DVD to Component HDTV


I bought this cable from ebay …

It doesn’t work. What would I need that will work? I want to hook the HDMI from a DVD player to the component on a HDTV.

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You need a convertor box like shown in the link below.


First off, if you had done rudimentary reserach before buying that cable on ebay about HDMI and component video you would know that HDMI is a digital-only format and component video an analog-only format. Therefore this kind of a passive cable is not possible to accomplish in any regular consumer equipment (requires built-in digital->analog signal conversion circuitry). I think the ebay sellers know it but they realize there is a market of uninformed buyers looking for this type of cable so they capitalize on that.

And with that said, what DVD player doesn’t have RCA composite/component or S-video output? Or a TV without RCA/composite input? I just want to know what you’re dealing with here so I can actually help you in making a good buying decision.

If you’re looking to get better quality than composite video by trying HDMI->component then you’re in for a rude awakening because the active adapters will have image quality degradation (especially the fleabay ones).

And if you have some weird specialized or a faulty DVD player or TV without working RCA component, composite or S-Video connections then honestly the best option is to buy a normal DVD player for $5-10 or get a used HDTV which is about $30 these days. I could accept having no digital-in but lacking analog input is gonna be a headache. HDMI connectors are the lowest quality connector type I’ve ever encountered (guaranteed to fail).


My DVD player has a HDMI input and a video audio RCA jack, that’s it. My HDTV has no HDMI just the video and audio RCA jacks and a S jack along with the components jacks. The video/audio jacks on the TV are being used by a DVR, so all that is left on the TV is the component jacks. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the DVD player, just doesn’t have the jacks I need for the TV.


The TV doesn’t have a HDMI input … just the DVD player.


Forget HDMI and component, those require active adapters (= image degradation). What you need to use is a cable format that is supported by both your devices, in this case that is RCA Composite Video/Audio. Now since your port on the TV is occupied, you will require a simple passive device to extend that port to multiple devices. Order this 3-way switch:

It’s only $3.79 with free shipping within the US and the seller even includes an RCA cable.


I’m not seeing how the device will work for me. The TV only has the component jacks available. :confused:



This device will allow you to hook up 3 different devices to it ( 3 RCA Inputs ) and have the one Output going to the TV.
Under normal circumstances you would only have 1 device working with the TV at a time. The switch in the middle controls which one feeds the TV, so no problem.


If the TV is old enough to not support HDMI, then it isn’t worth spending a lot of money on a converter.
The one that UTR mentions in post #3 will do the job. You will get some signal degradation, but will you even notice it on such an old TV?


I see now … the image was sooooo small I could not make it out. Great … thanks for posting that image, it definitely clarified how the device works.:iagree:


Your Welcome

I bought me one :iagree: for $4.00 , the one I got now cost $12.00


Any idea what those cables I got from ebay can be used for? I got a refund for my purchase, but the seller doesn’t want the items back.


As aztekk mentioned, they can’t really be used for anything, unless a device makes its HDMI port do more than an HDMI port is supposed to do & is designed specifically to support such a cable.

Which means you can’t do anything with the cable.


I guess that’s why the seller didn’t want them back. :confused:


In terms of the HDMI to Component cable. I think from reading up on them sometime back their only use is for PC graphics cards where maybe you have connected DVI-I to HDMI adaptor and then HDMI to component.

In terms of the HDMI to component boxes. I have bought a couple of them and they do work. But they can be a bit iffy in terms of HDCP. The boxes worked with my Roku/NowTV box. But did not work with my Amazon fire TV box due to an HDCP issue (it seems from what I remember reading the FireTV implement Hdcp slightly different than Roku boxes do as in the FireTV HDCP kicks in the moment you turn it on. Whereas NowTV/Roku only when you watch something which means the first doesn’t work, whereas the second does)

There is picture quality loss, as in the TV screen is ever so slightly more blurry compared to the crispness of HDMI direct but its not that noticable unless you have it side by side.

They are worth the £10 I paid for it if you just want to have another box connected to your TV. Another thing you could buy the USB to 5.5mm DC power cables and connect it to a spare USB slot and have the device entirely powered by this. I say this as they usually come with american plugs and big adaptors for UK.

A final tip. If you really wanted to get the best out of your TV I would say possibly buy a cheap second hand games console for your movie watching. As these allow component out directly for DVD and Blu-ray watching. And even better if your TV has VGA input. You could buy an Xbox360 and use the Xbox VGA Cable which gives very nice picture and much better than component.


Aztekk solved my problem with the link that was provided. Thanks … I got it and it works just fine. :iagree:


Glad to have helped :­)