Need BWA for Legacy of KAIN DEFIANCE (US version)!

Hi all!
I have many troubles to make a backup of this game! It seems my PLEXTOR PREMIUM can’t extract a good BWA from the play CD! The BWA seems near perfect, but after i have made the copy the game simply doesn’t start at all or requires 30 seconds or more to autenticate.

Cna someone send me a good BWA at
venturer at
Simply assembly the mail!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You can get one here Venturer.

Thank you very much kalas! :iagree:

I hope this will work!

Do you think BLINDWRITE 5 is better than BW 4.5.7 for SECUROM 5 with PLEXTOR PREMIUM?

I’m using BW4.5.7 for SecuROM 4.8+ backups, although using BW5 ends in the same result in combination with the Tweaker and the Plextor Premium. I don’t really know why I’m still using BW4.5.7, maybe I get used to it :).