Need burning software?

I just posted the article Need burning software ?.

Submitted by: N.B.

Some time ago you submitted about our site …
Now every good burning site, is down, or not actual …
But maybe I got a solution ! …

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Big thx for posting this !

Take a look …

Right now I think our site is one of the best !

CU !


WebMaster/Burning Section Leader @

Well done boys , spent 1 hour yesterday downloading keygens
for cdrwin 3.8b , It took 5 different keygens before I finally got the software opened.

Again , Keep up the good work & try not to get closed down.

Not bad,not bad at all :wink:
thx guys
keep it up

Very Nice and impressive. The link for CDRWIN 3.8B might need fixing up, since it is not working. Over all Nice job Guys!