Need btc 5224 bin file please

hi, i have a pacific digital (top glory=btc) and have issues with it and xp. the btc sites exe file doesnt recognize my drive. i extracted the firm from dos and wanted to see if anyone who had a working 52btc could send me a copy of theirs so i can compare - or if anyone wanted to look at the file i have, let me know. i want to try to get this drive to work - thanks jo

I’d love to get your backup! I can’t send you the newest version in binary form right now, but I’ll reply with it later. You can flash to the latest, then extract it and compare if you want…

I got just the thing for you man!

Update: My bad, thought you’re talking about plain Lite-On 52246S bin.:o

Originally posted by Stoner
I got just the thing for you man!

Ahhh, no BTC firmwares to be found there Stoner… :o

alright, spoke to some pac digital tech support - they just emailed me the same exe and said that my drive should come up?!- still a no go.
stoner - thanks for trying
dhc - i’ll email you on the acct in your sig my stock bin file - don’t know if it is good tho - as of now my drive appears/dissapears & reads/does not read intermittently.