need bootable usb OS for downgrading WH16NS40

Hello, I am trying to follow these instructions so that I can downgrade my WH16NS40 (svc code NS50) from 1.03 to 1.02:

But, the links do not work, I need to obtain usb bootable media. Any help? Is there an updated guide for this somewhere that has working links? etc…

Everything is explained in the document you’ve linked to!

Thank you for responding. The document explains everything, yes, but it no longer links to the bootable usb media that it used to. For example, it has as link to download a usb bootable version of Win7, but the link no longer actually lets you download usb bootable win 7 (instead, it says something like “content removed”). In other words, the links no longer point to the valuable software they used to point to. This is the problem I’m having.

…then you should not even trying to deal with flashing firmwares because you cannot even follow simple steps creating a bootable usb medium.
Not to forget, even Windows is copyrighted software!

No need to be condescending. The rules on the screen in front of my while I type this say “Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas , not people.” You’re saying I can’t follow simple steps, which is violating this very guideline.

I’ve followed the directions for creating a FreeDos bootable USB. And I’ve read the firmware and made a backup. But I have a concern with flashing it using this method, because the dosflash program on FreeDos seems pretty flaky. So I’m not confident that using it to flash will work - worried about bricking the device.

I also own Win7 and have the disc. I used it (in conjunction with WinToUsb) to create so-called bootable USB, but it didn’t work satisfactorily for me. (WinToUsb warned me that it would be too slow to boot from, but I created the bootable media anyway, and then I tried to boot from it but it was painfully slow. I think I waited an hour for it to boot, then gave up.)

So, this has nothing with me not being able to follow directions. There are many other links in the source material that are broken, all of the discussion links it links to on are also not working.

A doc or tutorial with updated links to everything would be helpful, no? If you have something to add, doing so in a civil manner without personal attacks would be greatly appreciated.

So you are now a moderator here?


I will never support your laziness!

Will this work for you? How about this (64-bit) or this (32-bit)?

IDK if any of these can be run from a USB, but I have run the second one from a DVD. The first one has a tool for making a bootable USB, but I haven’t tested it.

In case anyone comes here from google. The original thing I was trying to do, which is downgrade the firmware on the LG WH16NS40 (svc code NS50) from 1.03 to 1.02, there is now a much, much easier way to do it: - get the files from the youtube video description. More info: