Need bleem or vga for playing ps1 or ps2

i want to download software to play ps1 or ps2 games…i have cd of taken 2(ps1)…but i need vga or bleem type of softwares or even better to playy these ps1 and ps2 games thanks in advance :slight_smile:

well you have no chance of playing ps2 games on your pc, not unless jesus comes back and performs a miricle, i’m not even go into why. and i’m sure bleem is now illegal or something, however i once used ePXEe, and it seems to be the best according to what i’ve heard, so go here

A free demo version can be downloaded here:

If you want the full version, you have to buy it. ANy other way to obtain it will be considered illegal on this board and can not be discussed!

use ePSXE as already stated above. It’s most customizable for video cards.

Please do not download PS images or games, this is illegal, use the software to play backup’s of games you bought and own.