Need black bezel for DW1650

I just purchased 2 - DW1650’s. They came with beige bezels, but I’d really like to change them to black. Does anybody have one they aren’t using, leftover from a retail kit, or know where I can find one, (2)? :bow:

I would also like to have a black bezel for my Benq 1650. No idea where you can get them though.

The disc tray on mine is black but the front is beige. :doh: Can you believe that? And mine is a Retail boxed Benq 1650 as well.

The black tray to reduce jitter? LOL…
My Plex came with a black tray and a beige front too :slight_smile:

Yes. Both, my Benq DW 1650 and my Philips DVDR1660 are built like that.


I was trying to find a black bezel for my benq 1640 and also for a nec3500 to move it to my new rig but had no luck so i went and bought a benq 1650 and pioneer 111 instead…
It did not matter to much as i have a few other dvd writers anyway…

[OT]I’ve always wondered how effective a black tray is for jitter vs. a white tray. My Liteon 165P6S has a white tray, and it doesn’t burn discs with jitter that’s particularly low. I don’t know if a black tray would have much impact though.[OT]

Regarding a black bezel, good luck finding that. It’s hard enough just to find these drives, let alone bezels. If you really must have black, buy some spray paint designed for plastic surfaces and remove the bezel and front of the disc tray and spray away :wink:

Mine too :slight_smile: