Need bit-setting help!

I have a Lite-On SOHW-1693S (KS0B) and LH-20A1P (KL0A)… I am having alot of problems getting the bit setting to stick.

I’ve tried using CDSpeed, which by the way only works on the LH-20A1P, and the changes work until I reboot – very annoying. On my SOHW-1693S I cannot even try to set it in CDSpeed, and the Lite-On tools are very confusing also …

I just want DVD+R, +RW, and DL bits set to DVD-ROM perminately… How can I achieve this?


Using either the Booktype135.exe app or CD Speed should set book type permanently without any problem.

Note that Booktype135.exe will not correctly display the current booktype status.

Ensure you have the latest CD Speed as well.

According to info at book type for 1693 and older models are reset to the +R default on restart even if the book type tool is used. However, info there indicates using the Omni-Patcher for 1693 and older models only changes the default book type to DVD-ROM which should accomplish your goal, i.e. book type will then be reset to DVD-ROM as default on any restart. For the LH-20A1P the book type tool may be used to change book type which remains set to what it was last changed using book type tool.

On my liteon 1635S I was able to use imgburn to get bitsetting to stick. For some reason the other programs just refused to work for me. Imgburn is freeware or donate ware.


Don’t use imgburn, CDSpeed or other software to set book type. Use the book type tool for models newer than 1693 or Omni-Patcher for 1693 and older models as directed in the link in my post #3.