Need .bin for LG gce-8525b or how to extract it from exe FW

I have a LG gce-8525b CD-RW that went bad after a failed FW update. Now, my PC can not see it at all.

In one thread, I have found that I could revive it using the MtkWinFlash.

When my original FW update failed, it wrote:
ERR: fail to identify the flash type!

When I tried MTKWinFLASH, it produced the same error code (Win2k SP4)

Should MTKFLASH from DOS work differently?

I have exactly the same problem.
I have tried yestreday DOS-version of MtkFlash. And the result is zero. The program just printed its name, version and author and that was all. Nothing happened. I even had finally press Ctrl+C to cancel the program.
I tried Mtkflash versions 1.80.1, 1.62 and 1.55.
Now I even don’t know what to do? Buy another CD-RW?

I plan to turn to the company where I have bought the CD drive. Maybe they will do something to it. Later I will report the results.

Guys, don’t use LG Firmware updates. They just kill your CD-RW.