Need best drive for audio ripping

Well, lately I have been ripping a lot of CDs with EAC (Exact Audio Ripper) and while my BenQ DW1640 is good, this is a task where it really does not “excel” at. It dosn’t support C2 error correction and a few other things. I plan on keeping it but I am in need of a second drive for only the highest of quality audio ripping. I would like the drive to not have riplock and be able to get around the most types of copy protection. What should I get?

Ok I have been searching around and it seems a PlexWriter Premium or Premium 2 would be the best. I am able to obtain either one. Are these really the best for DAE? And if so, which one should I get? From what I read it was unclear to me which one was definitively better.

I would go for Premium2 because of the Audio Master feature.

These are not avail in the US, right?

Wondering about a link to check out the pricing and such.

I have a Plexwriter Premium, and though it’s a wonder at DAE and dealing with copy protections it’s often a SLOW drive. I hate to admit it, but the Premium is sitting next to a Yamaha CRW-F1 in my closet, gathering dust. The Premium II, which reportedly combines the strengths of both drives, might be sitting in there as well if they sold it in the U.S.

I generally use an LTR-52327S for DAE and dealing with most copy protections. It has very good C2 error reporting, it’s a fast audio ripper, it can overread, and it’s cheap. It’s also a great burner. One caveat: it’s noisy as hell.

If bragging rights or AMQR are important to you, get a Premium II. Otherwise, there are other options available.

I have both the LTR-52327S and the Premium2 but hate to admit I use my Asus STO-CRW-5232AS for ripping and had no problems ripping any music CD’s or games I tried, you name it and it will rip it. I only use the Lite-On and Plextor for burning and they are both very good at burning. :slight_smile:

If ripping is all done digitally in XP, does the drive really matter that much?

Just curious.

Nope, but don’t try to tell that to the audiophiles and Plextor fans.

Here’s another vote for the LiteOn 52327S, rips at 48x, error-free.

I guess I’m not that picky. 160k/192k is good enough for me. Even with headphones, that’s fine. I mean - Rock and Roll is all about distortion anyways, right? :slight_smile:

So are you guys saying my DW1640 would be fine? It dosnt have C2 error correction. Is that a problem?

Error SCANNING you mean? Not error Correction, right?

I have a 1640 - does great stuff. I would not worry. Digital Extraction takes out a lot of the variables. It’s the great equalizer. Just get something that does a CRC check when it rips, like Audiograbber 1.83, Eac, etc. and I would think it would be ok.

If this was Analog, I might be worried. I suppose you could slow down the rip to help minimize excess noise and vibration, but again, Digital with CRC should help ensure that the same data that is on the CD will make it to the hard drive.

All drives capable of reading CDs have C2 error correction!

The BenQ DW1640 just isn’t capable of reporting whether C2 error correction has failed when ripping a disc, so audio ripping programs such as Exact Audio Copy have to read the audio at least twice in order to be sure the ripped audio is correct. That makes audio ripping at least twice as slow compared to other drives that can report C2 error correction failure.

I don’t suppose there is a master list of drives that do properly report C2’s, is there?

You can have a look at this site:

Good resource.

So it may be with a 1640 to use that CDDA Paranoia (CDEX) thing instead, since the combo supports Accurate Stream?

I haven’t used CDex in ages so I can’t comment on it.

BTW Accurate Stream only guarantess that you get audio data from the right location (i.e. the location you’re requesting) - it doesn’t guarantee that the data is error free.

When I say it doesn’t support C2 error correction, I mean it is “not capable of retrieving C2 error information”, as quoted from EAC. Also it doesn’t support overreading into lead-in and lead-out, which is necessary to get a perfect rip if you have read offset correction enabled, which is also necessary to get a perfect rip.

So I still think I would like a new drive, but it dosn’t have to be an expensive one though. I will still keep my DW1640 for burning and stuff.

Here are the features the drive must have (these are all from EAC):

-Must support Accurate Stream

-Must be able to retrieve C2 error information

-Must support overreading into lead-in and lead-out

-Must be capable of reading and writing CD-Text.

-Must be able to write UPC and ISRCs

-Should be good at reading scratched discs

-Speed would be nice but it is my last priority

-And finally I want one that will defeat as many kinds of copy protection as possible

I don’t care if the drive is a cdrom, cd burner, dvd burner or whatever, as long as it supports these features.

Also is there anything I missed that should be supported by a good CD ripper?

Most drives will fail to achieve this.

The only drives I have that can rip CDS200 protected Audio CDs every time is my old NEC ND-3500AG and my laptop drive Matshita UJ-840S. All other drives in my sig are either incapable of doing it, or only work in Burst Mode (which doesn’t guarantee proper ripping) or only work some of the time.

I use AudioGrabber for many things and it does CRC checks, so I guess that’s something…

Wow - that’s one long list of stuff. You be takin’ this audio stuff WAY seriously! I hope you find what your lookin’ for.