Need Benq dw1650 Review

Is there a review of the 1650 yet ? Or when will it be?

Possibly, but the 1670 has already had a preliminary review. I would imagine it will be replaced rather soon.

I hope not. I think BenQ intentionally releasing 3 models (1650/55/70) at almost the same time. They are made to function differently, ie regular burner, LS, and DVD-RAM. Just like the NEC releases 4550/51 and now 4570/71.

Donewell: there’s no DW1650 review yet but it’s as good as DW1640.

its as good, and arguably slightly better. also, since its newer, it will be supported better by BenQ. But if you already have a DW1640, its not worth getting the DW1650 IMO.

For a rewiew of a DW1650, find a DW1655 review and ignore the lightscribe bits as they are in effect the same drive.

The DW1670 will not be a replacement for the DW1650 as it uses a totally different chipset. Unless BenQ get very inventive with firmware it will not support Solidburn and because of that it will probably never support the same overspeed settings either (the DW165x uses Solidburn to allow overspeed on almost all ±R media).

I have the same opinion. I’ve had my RMA’d 1640 replaced with a 1650, and apart from being a slightly quieter drive, I can’t really find in which area it does better than the 1640. Yeah, OK, 16X +R burns. But anyone can live with 12X burns with 16X +R media, the difference in burning time is negligible.

Don’t get me wrong, I like this 1650, just that I don’t think it has anything special, quality-wise, when compared to the 1640.