Need benq dw1650 info

I have been reading about the 1650, I have found them on line , but the prices are confusing. the models are dw1650, dw1650-ob1, dw1650-ob3, All three are diffirent prices. what do the 3 numbers at the end mean? And why are benq’s less than half the price of the other brands. Also there are 1640-oc3, and 1640-oc7. They are expensive though.

Where are you, and where are you seeing these drives?


Thanks for all the help!! what help? I will just have to look elsewhere i guess.
Nobody here seems to know anything

…Nobody here seems to know anything.
Hmm, we can’t know something only your online shop knows! :smiley:

You better ask your shop.

Try posting the link to the site that is selling the drives and maybe someone can help you out.

These are two of the sites. I Have found them at other sites also, They all use these -ob1 and ob3 at the end.

Neither site has any info, and the BenQ site only lists one set of specs for the DW1650.
Maybe the difference is in OEM vs Retail, color etc.
You might try asking the dealers if no one here knows…

I may be wrong but don’t they make a 1650 model thats only a dvd rom drive from back aways?

Yes, but it’s a different ID. The ReWriter is a DW1650 while the other drive has something other than “DW” before the “1650” (like DV or something).