Need BenQ DW1620 G7K9 bulk firmware... anyone?

I’ve searched today for hours to find this stupid thing with no luck.

I’m in need of it pretty badly – last second attempt at something :-/

Anyway, if anyone can host it or something, please let me know.

No, it’s not on the US BenQ support site and no it’s not on the UK BenQ support site.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome to CDF’s:

I have B7K9 for retail but i don’t have the OEM G7K9 sorry.

I do have G7M9 and few others though.

Hi :slight_smile:
Welcome onboard jdog9898. :iagree: :clap:
You can get them [B]here:[/B]
The Dangerous Brothers rpc1 patched f/w [B]here:[/B]

Alternative download page for almost all BenQ firmwares. :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
Both my links work for me.
The 1st one not working for you?
Official[B]BenQ f/w 1620:[/B]

Sorry, no. :sad: (see attachment)
But there are some stock generic/bulk 1620 firmwares at BenQ Europe 1620, (bottom page).

[I]Edit[/I] to clarify. Your link to rpc1 works, but then rpc1 1620 bulk doesn’t.

Hi :slight_smile:
I was adding link via edit.
While you were posting same link. :doh: :iagree: :bigsmile:
N.B. Yep you’re right about 1st link. Links to page but f/w when clicked to download doesn’t appear to be there. :confused:

Can’t get that da*n link working.

zebad they both work fine here with FF.

All the links so far work for me using FF.

Thanks for the links guys.

G7K9 stock links workig? :confused: Sure, but where is the firmware… :flower:

Okay, get G7K9.exe here.
(Direct link to BenQ Germany DVD-RW ftp server.)

Thanks for all the replies, guys.

Unfortunately, as has already been stated by a few of you, the actual firmware download links on those sites do not work any more.
Before posting this thread I had already found those sites and tried them.
Generally, I like to do all the searching I can before actually posting a question – I know I know, that doesn’t sound like a newbie thing to do at all :wink:
Usually they just ask before even searching.

Anyway, the only place that it appears to be is on the German ftp, but alas, it requires a username and password.
Any idea on that pinto2?

EDIT - Oh, nevermind. I opened the link in a new window and it started the download just fine from the German BenQ server. Thanks for all the help guys!

… now to crossflash this bad boy…

Hi !
Try this link

It’s working :slight_smile:


Glad to hear you got your hands on firmware. :smiley:
(BTW, all firmware links work at BenQ Germany ftp site when downloading with FireFox.)

With BQFlasher you can srossflash your drive with any .exe DW1620 compatible firmware… :wink: Great tool.
My thanks once again to our Slovenian member Quikee. :clap: