Need BenQ 1620 *black* bezel

OK, I have a BenQ 1620, problem is that it is in white, and so it does not match my case. In the UK you cant get bezels for it in black, or even the drive in black.

Basicly what I need is if somebody could sell me a black BenQ 1620 bezel (can be OEM or Retail), and send it to the UK.

Ben :slight_smile:

ps. Sorry if this is against the forum rules

go to

they are on sale right now

He just wants the bezel. I wonder if you can paint it? If you could get the shuttle CR40 face plate that would look best (it’s a dw1620 rebadged).

I tried painting the drive with spray paint, it didnt look very good.
What I need is somebody here with a spare black bezel, or who would swap it for my white on (obviosly I would pay postage both ways, and money for there trouble).

Ben :slight_smile:

Maybe BenQ UK support can sell you one.

ok, I am a totally newbie, I want to thank this forum for setting me right on the I/O magic 16x… from the thread. I read about the benq’s and btc’s, went to stapes, and dang, they only had one choice, bought it, returned it to cc, unopened, xmas gift and all, reason for return: "said the guy ‘helping’ me to install it said the slower 40x would be better for my ‘old puter’, they had both boxes in stock, got the smaller box the benq.

So what it have is the black bezel to this one. Will that fit on the 1620? If so, you can have it. Would be well worth the couple bucks of bubble wrap and shipping from US to UK for the knowledge I got here.

What is the drive model number exactly? If It looks like it will fit I would be happy to pay postage if you like.

Many thanks,

Ben :slight_smile:

I don’t know what model it is ie I am not going to take this puter apart again to read it, but believe it to be the 1620. I do remember reading on the top BENQ and was happy!! Maybe someone else with easier access to their drive, the Staples I/O Magic IDVD16DD rebadge DW1620, from this thread Send me an email to chris at soon dot com with your address, and I’ll send it on.

I think it will fit.
Many, many thanks,

Ben :slight_smile: