Need backup "Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 4th"

I need to back up Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 4th. When I use Protection ID and A Ray Scanner, they find SafeDisc v2.2 and v2.8. I use Alcohol 120% with SafeDisc datatype, read and burn at 1X,4X,8X,12X but always fails. My CDW is Asus 5232A4 (3 sheep burner). Then I choose Safedisc 2/3 datatype but always fail.
Why I think it to be failed?
Because I format to install WinXP Pro. Then I install DEEP FREEZE v6.0 in my machine BEFORE I put disc into my CDW. But SafeDisc always create some values in registry EVEN THOUGH I take the original disc out and restart the machine. I think Deep Freeze will recover automatically but it just do it with directory. Because I found in registry some SafeDisc’s values that Deep Freeze can’t recover. At the first time, I think I can burn it successfully but when I try the backup cd on another machine, it fails. So I format hdd’s first machine and install my backup cd again, now I really can’t install it. I’ve already install ShadowUser v2.5 but it doesn’t work properly too. Please help me.

Are you trying to run the back-up cd from a writer? If so, you’ll need Ignore media type enabled in alcohol’s emulation options for the back-up copy to work.

Also, you should be aware that many safedisc protected cds are hotwired to run only from their installetion drive (unless you edit your registry.)

Alcohol’s default is checked Ignore media type.

When i setup Longman 4th a window appear in my page that write put the Currect CD in CD-Rom what shoud i do for start Longman Dictionary

Now i image File to the cd but again this error appear

@ Baxxter

We’d like to help you out but I’m afraid that it’s practically impossible to understand your posts. Could you explain your problem with a bit more detail/precision please?

sorry for my bad English,i mean: i downloaded “Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 4th” when i setup in my PC and want to Run an error appear that say CANNOT LOCATE THE CD-ROM (Please Insert the Correct CD_Rom, select OK and Restart application) What Should i Do?
i heard that i should get image from Files to CD but after write Image again i have this Problem

Ah, the problem is that you haven’t read the forum rules or this sticky either.

Hi!I’m new here and my english is quite awful but I hope you’ll be able to understand me. Actually, I’ve just registered because I’d like to ask this question:
I’ve bought Longman Dictonary on 2 CDs but I have two computers - one at work and one at home, so I’d like to have a copy of these CDs. Is this legal to make a copy of [B]your[/B] original disc and use it for your personal use? (I know that there are problems with making a working copy, but If I finally could make one?) What I mean is, isn’t it illegal when you make a copy of disc that is secured, even if it’s for your personal use only?

No. It is legal to make a personal use back-up copy of computer programs for which you have a licence in virtually every country in the world.

However, it is not legal to modify the program in doing so (i.e no cracks).