Need Asus CRW3212A Firmware in Bin Format

I tried to upgrade my Asus CRW 32x drive into 40x. As somebody has told me before, it won’t work. I can still use my drive to read, but not for writing into a blank cd. Could anyone, please help me… Send to me the asus cdrw3212a firmware in bin format. I really appreciate that if you could do that to me. Thanks

Anyone!!! i beg you!!! Pleaseeeeeee help meeeeeeeee…

I’m so desperate right now

Anyone!!! i beg you!!! Pleaseeeeeee help meeeeeeeee…

I’m so desperate right now :bow: :bow:

Hi jcalvin09,

Welcome to our forum, I understand you are desparate but spamming won’t help you much and probably will only annoy others. You’ll have to wait till someone drops by who is able to help you, I’m sure someone will!

Sorry, i didn’t meant to spam. I accidently click the submit button twice. That’s why there are double post in this section. Sorry for that

I may have this firmware. Just be patient, I’ll look into is as soon as I can.

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll be waiting for that…

Hm, think you already forgot your promise to me, dhc014… Oh well, not my luck :confused:

Sorry, I guess I only have 4816 and 5224 firmwares…

Oh well, too bad. Could anyboy, helps me finding that cdrw firmware ?

please give me your e-mail address, and send it to me with “CRW3212A Firmware” on the subject, and yes, I’ve succeeded in O/Cing my old 3212A to 4012A, but not with my 4824A :frowning:

and, dhc014, do you want me to send the 3212A, 4012A and 4824A firmware to you to add your collections :bigsmile: ?

my email address is

At last!!! Thank yooouuuu :bow:

Well, somebody sent me a firmware from asus cdrw 40x. It did work (1.0 firmware), it could read, it could burn. But, it doesn’t read CDRW. When my friend sent me a cd in cdrw format, my drive simply need a long long long time to read it (5 minutes).

For you guys it maybe doesn’t matter. But for me, who only have that drive in my computer, it is so annoying.

Dimedevil, i already sent my email address to your account

Ok doki, terima kasih dimedevil :slight_smile: hehehehe

Hellow all…

Yeah, Dimedevil has gave me the URL of his website that contains the firmware for Asus CDRW from 32-40x in BIN format. Wanna say thanks a lot to you dimedevil (oh btw, the 32x firmware is still a disaster . It doesn’t work in my cdrw. It can read ordinary cd, but it’s still can’t read or write CDRW)

It’s just to bad experiencing that. Here’s the site, hope you could use it and wouldn’t find any difficulties searching ASUS Firmware (GOSH!!! WHY PEOPLE RARELY USE IT!!!)

Dimedevil, could you explain it to me why ? Perhaps you send the wrong firmware? :confused:

Did you burn the CD-RW media with 12x? if you do, whenever you want to burn the CD-RW try to burn it @ 10x. Asus is a bit picky on CD-RW media, but sometimes 10x is the only solution.:bigsmile:

Hm, how can i burn the cdrw if the drive couldn’t read it