Need assistance with burning a DVD please

I am new to this entire process so if someone could assist me in non-technical terms that I can comprehend I would certainly appreciate it. I just purchased a Plextor PX-740UF DVD rewriter and I have also purchased an all in wonder 9600 video card as well. I am attempting to undertake burning a DVD copy of a DVD movie I have just to see if I can do it and make a copy of an animated movie for my grandson to play on his DVD player. If someone could take me through this process step by step I would greatly appreciate it.

I am also needing to copy programs I have recorded on my Dish DVR recorder to DVD and would like to make sure I am using the best technology possible attempting to obtain a digital image from my DVR to my computer to burn it on a DVD. I am trading my DVR in for a replacement and I would really like to copy some programming I have of my son wrestling in the NCAA tournament to DVD before I send my DVR in for replacement. If anyone can assist me with what I will need in the way of software hardware and the steps to take in order to copy this from my DVR to my computer I would be eternally grateful.

Thanks in advance,

hi mike download dvdshrink u can find easily using google or wateva its pretty straight foward from there lol more practise the better u get.

No. That just wont work. The DVD has to be Decrypted. Use DVDDecrypter to write dvd to iso. Then Open up DVDShrink. Then File>Open ISO. Find the ISO then open and burn it with DVDShrink. If you don’t have Nero, you can use DVDDecrypter to burn also.

Errr… it might. DVD Shrink has decryption abilities built-in.

And DVD Decrypter won’t handle the lastest encryptions anyway. AnyDVD ($) or Ripit4me (free) are the better options.

OK does anyone know the answer to my second question regarding transferring digital data from my DVR to my computer? What are the steps to running the programs above and copying the files over to a DVD?

Oh, most services. Such as Tivo. Have it where you can acess your recorded files online. My serice won’t let me. So I use a dvd video recorder to get on a dvd then put them on my pc. Oh and ImKidd I know, but for some reason DVDShrink whould not copy The Glass House. So I did DVDFabDecrypter to copy it. Donno why I was thinkin DVDDecrypter :confused:

OK I was successful at decrypting the DVD using ripit4me but I am lost as to how to copy it now using DVD shrink. I have no idea what an ISO is and do not see an option to copy or make a copy or anything close to that in DVD shrink. I have Nero but figure since the movie is in this program I may as well use DVD shrink to copy the DVD. Can someone please help me by explaining in newbie form step by step on what I need to do to copy this DVD to a blank on my Plextor writer?

I tried to burn the files using Nero but it tells me that there is too much data to transfer to the DVD I am trying to burn it onto. That cant be or can it? There are only the files I copied from the single DVD in the folder can there be more data on this factory DVD than can fir onto a 4.7 GB blank DVD? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

All right. Use DVDFab Decrypter. Then go to nero then go to Copy Entire DVD-Video. Then Import Titles. Go to C:\DVDFAB (that where I save the folders.) or where ever you told dvd fab to put the folders at. Then open that folder. Then hit next. Then burn to dvd.

#1 go here

#2 Start it up.

#3 Use Nero

Well this is beginning to be a royal pain in the butt as now it tells me that I need to purchase the DVD-Video plug in due to patent license restrictions. I am not going to spend another $80 for Nero 7 so what are my options now to copy these files I have on my hard drive to a DVD using my new DVD recorder, which now seems rather useless without the Nero 7 version of the software?

Thy first have to be authored to get into a dvd video compliant format, then you can burn them to dvd.

You may try with a trial of tmpgenc dvd author and other great tools.

These are pretty simplistic guides here.

Yes those are great guides for new users like myself. Thanks for the link and I did get a DVD to burn but I have still yet to get one burned using my Nero 6 program but I have not given up and will keep trying. Thank you very much for the assistance this is a great forum for information and help to the novice user such as myself.