Need Assistance New NEC 3520A



I just purchased the OEM (no cable, or mounting hardware) version NEC 3520A from Is there a specific cable that I need to purchase, and do I need to download any drivers from NEC’s website to install this hardware?


I got the same thing from the same place and all i did was open up my case and take out my old CD burner. I took note on the back because there is a master/slave/other option on it and i just matched up what was on my cd burner and made sure that was what i had on the DVD burner.
I took like 4 screws out of my CD burner and put them into my DVD burner and then that allowed it to just slide into place and then i made sure i plugged in the two cords into the back the same way as the cd burner.
Once it was in i turned on my comp and it worked.

I had never before installed anything inside my computer and the only time i had ever opened it up was to blow out dust because it sits on the floor and collects dust like crazy and one time it was so bad it would overheat and shutdown lol.

But everythign went fine for me.


Nice feeling isn’t it what you can do yourself…

“I did fix it myself” :slight_smile:



I tried that and now Windows XP will not load up when I turn on my computer. I have a Dell XPS System (1 month old), and it came with a Philips DVD Burner (8631). This is what I did:

  1. Went to Device Manager, and unistalled the Philips DVD Burner (8631)

  2. Next, I physically removed the Philips Burner (I only noticed 2 connections on the back of it, I did not see anything connected to the part that said master/slave/other),
    The connections I saw were the last 2 connections on the right (one very large and the other was all the way at the end to the right and it was small)

  3. Next, I simply installed the new NEC Burner (3520A) the same way the Philips Burner was connected

  4. Finally, I turn on the computer and it gets stuck at the Windows XP LOGO screen

  5. Am I doing something wrong?


Did you set the master/slave jumper? I believe that the NEC drive comes set to master by default. If your drive is alone on the IDE channel then it does not/should not matter. If your drive is sharing the IDE channel with another drive (cd/hdd) then that may be your problem.

If looking at the drive from the back…
The long big connection is the IDE connector (center of drive)
the connector of the right is the power connector
the one on the left is the audio connector (not needed)
the area between the IDE connector and the audio connector is where you should make your jumper changes, instructions should be on the top of the drive.


I got it thanks. The drive works great.