Need answers

ok, i’ve read alot of posts, but i still have a few questions that i couldn’t find detailed answers for.

i’m using dvd shink 3.1 (first question should i get 3.2 i read one post saying 3.1 is better) then nero to burn but alot of people say use DVD Decrypter instead of nero, whats so good about DVD Decrypter?

2nd (or 3rd), what are dual layered drives? is it just larger discs which costs more that aren’t as common as the 4.7 gb single layer?

And lastly i just ordered Benq DVD+r disc’s (200 8x for $60 CDN), and i just heard that benq discs can only be burnt on benq burners which i don’t have, is this true?

DVD Decrypter is not better, it is free. Works well when used in conjunction with DVD Shrink. Nero works good too.

Most store bought DVDs have more than one layer. Until recently, all burnable DVDs had one layer hence the need for DVD shrink. A dual layer disc has two layers like a store bought DVD. It allows an exact copy of the orginal to be made without shrinking it. A dual layer must be used in a dual layer burner.

BenQ discs should work in any burner that does the +R format.