Need another help>>>please

:clap: hey there i am having a problem with my burner my burner cant write cds but it can write dvds now it is not reading blank dvds like sony mercury ovann etc though it can read data dvds and movie dvd perfectly any idea about that please help me…

and yes when i put blank dvd on it gives nothing and blank dvd doesnt even run please help me appreciate ur help :bow::bow::bow::bow:

You may simply have a drive that is slowly dying. It is quite possible for parts to fail at separate times, and for the dvd laser to become unreliable.

Well, this doesn’t solve your problem, but I would like to address your post. Thread titles like ‘need another help>>>please’ really don’t help us to see what kind of problem you have. It also makes it difficult for people with similar problems to find your thread using the ‘Search’ function here. Remember please that a very high percentage of people who use a forum are looking for ‘help’ and next time please describe your problem in the Thread Title. I notice all three of your threads have similar titles. TIA.

Tim to do some shopping for hardware.