Need an External DVD Writer - Any Suggestions?



Hi, I just recently got a laptop that unfortunately has no internal DVDrw Drive. However, I do have firewire and usb 2.0 ports and am thinking of getting an external DVD rw drive. I can’t seem to find too many reviews and I’ve tried searching the forum about it but can’t seem to find a thing :confused:

I’m looking to spend around maximum $150 USD and have these specs. Dual Layer burning isn’t a priority but if the drive has it then by all means I’ll be happy with that. Here are the specs that I want for it:
+R 8X
+RW 4X
-R 4X
-RW 2X

If anyone can recommend a good drive that can burn decently onto most media I’d be very grateful. Thanks in advance to those who can assist me :slight_smile:



Go with the NEC ND-3500A from for $76 + $4 shipping and one of their firewire enclosures (a name you recognize)-

It’ll make a good setup for you and under your budget - you’ll get 16x DVD burning and 48x cd burning-can’t beat it for the price IMHO-

Happy Burnin’



thanks for ur advice but what is a good enclosure then? like what’s a good brand? hehe :slight_smile:



Most external writers are exactly the same as thier internal counterparts, just stuck in an external case decorated with a company logo. I would recommend using firewire whenever possible. Many enclosures offer both usb 2.0 and firewire connections.

Also, if your travelling, some enclosures could be a bit flimsy. I also agree with bigmike7, the nec drive is a great buy (I’m loving mine).

Good Luck!

-search this forum for external enclosures, there is quite a bit of info.


thanks will do !!


For $127 on NewEgg, you could get an internal 4x NEC ND-5500A and put it in yourself. You could sell the cd burner on Ebay. I got $68 for my Teac burner. Would be cheaper than getting an external drive and much easier than lugging around a external drive. I put one in my Presario 2199. Burns a dvd in about 18 minutes. Took about 15 minutes to put in. The 8x dual layer goes for $160.


I would not even bother with an enclosure, heats up too much. get a firewire or USB 2.0 to ATA adaptor kit and us eit on any drive you desire. You open an entire new door for your self not limiting yourself to already made enclosure kits.


Interesting xtacydima…just might do that! haha! So many options…must choose soon! :slight_smile:


Actually, sorry I forgot to ask, are there any particular brands of firewire to ATA adaptor kit or it’s all generic?