Need an External DVD Burner

Currently have a Mac Mini and a IBM Thinkpad T40 laptop. Both work fine, but the drives are slow/edgy. The Matshita in the Mac in particular is prone to not allowing me to make clean rips of current release movies. The Thinkpad is a read only DVD drive, so while it can be used for ripping, I have to burn on the Mac.

Not interested in tearing apart the Mac, so am looking for a viable external solution. The Thinkpad is USB 2.0 equipped and the Mac has both USB and Firewire of course. Firewire is faster on paper, but would I really notice a big difference in speed if I burned the same image from my laptop or mac to a drive using USB 2.0 and then Firewire? Not in the duplication business, so it really doesn’t matter that much I guess. Just trying to buy one solution that will work well and won’t cost me a bunch. I have seen several drives for sale on eBay, but when I do research on these models, I have found other forums including this one where the buyers of these drives had nothing but trouble.

I use Roxio Toast 7 to burn my disks, and it works very well.

Hoping someone will chime in with their recommendation based on their own experience with a speedy, solid drive.

Thanks very much in advance for any suggestions.

Chris I have the liteon ez-dub which has been a solid soldier for the past year , i use it with the 2.0 usb port and the 1.1 without complaint. As far a speed Ive never really benchmarked but is satisfactory for this new guy, although the 1.1 is slower. If it failed I would buy another. Im sure theres better and faster buy now . STEVE

I recommend Sony or LG externals. If you are at 2.0 or Firewire speeds these drives will be lightning fast compared to what you have now. Welcome to CCFreaks!