Need an external Dual Layer DVD burner, are these Sony and Plextor ones any good?

I was going to pick one of these two up at Best Buy with some gift cards. I have looked for reviews, and I have only found like 1 review for either burner. And this site has not reviewed either of them.

I had the Plextor in my hand, but the Sony is sexier, plus I am a Sony Whore. Anyways, I just want a good external Dual Layered DVD Burner that is going to be dependable and reliable.

I hear great things about Plextor, and not very much about Sony. Plus the Plextor is faster.

I thought about getting and internal DL DVD drive and putting it in an external case, but by the time I get a power supply and buy the case, I will probably have spent about the same amount as one of these. Of course the Sony Drive comes with a Nero Software package, and the Plextor comes with Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.

Here are some links

Plextor PX-716UF

Sony DRX-710UL

i believe the Sony is a rebadged Lite-On…check the Lite-On section for reviews. 716A (not UF) review will be up shortly. personally i’d choose the plextor over the sony and get an external Pioneer, NEC or BenQ (either stock external or internal with an external case that you purchase separately).

Thanks for the quick response. I really apprieciate it. So now I need a few more opinions.

Is Plextor really a “Professional Quality” drive as it says or the box, or is that just sexy advertising speak?

If I was not such a Sony Whore, this would not be a tough decision, I would run with the Plextor. But I am happy with Sony products, however, I have never owned any Sony Computing/Computer Accessories or products.

I hope to hear from more of you asap. THanks again.

no problem 3rdamention.

“professional quality” is more marketing than anything, but plextors have a reputation for being great optical drives. i’d check out the various Hardware forums for A LOT of good info on all the different types of drives (i know, it can get very confusing).

please keep in mind that Sony doesn’t actually make the drive - they outsource to Lite-On and then put their “finishing touches” on it - again, i’d check the Lite-On hardware forum for exactly which models are which lite-ons and how they perform. IMHO, sony’s quality has deteriorated considerably over the last few years and a lot of the appeal is cosmetic (of course, there are exceptions).

the best advice i can give you is to read up, but im sure there are many others here at CDF willing to offer you their opinions and insights.

good luck and keep us posted on your decision (making process).