Need an accurate, fast and reliable SATA burner



Mainly I’m gonna be ripping music, DVDs, games, ect. And of coarse I want it to burn them back at high quality. Want it to both rip and burn at decent speeds, and it needs to last awhile.



I would go for a Samsung 203x drive for excellent ripping and burning capabilities. You don’t say whether you want SATA or PATA though, and the Sammy is SATA. It’s PATA siblings would be the 202x drives.

You may have to patch the read-speed for fast ripping though (you can patch it yourself or use C0deKing’s patched firmware).


Yeah, I was looking at a S203B drive, but they’re essentially impossible to find now. So I was thinking about the S203N drive, and someone else on here told me I’d be better off with a different drive, not sure why though.

Anyway, it looks like the S203N is gonna be the one, even though I’ll likely never use LightScribe.


EDIT: Also, if you read the thread title, it says SATA.


Oooops, missed the thread title (I hadn’t been awake long! Blonde Moment) :doh:

But anyway, the 203N is a fine choice, I have one myself. :slight_smile:


Sweet, thanks!