Need alternative Lightscribe software for 1625 - Nero Dont Work!


OK. I got my new Benq1625 after destroying 2 1620… They just died.

Anyways, I had newest nero installed, 6.6.14 and installed drive. No lightscribe. so i downloaded that 3rd party lighscribe softdrivers , no luck.

Then i popped in NERO that came with benq, and upgraded to 6.6.14 again.
Now i have lightscribe, but nero complains it cant read the disc, that i have to clean it or sumthing.

Tried lot of discs same.
Uninstalling NERO totally, reinstall… Same stuff.

Got some CD-COVER-SUITE or something TRIAL, try lightscribe there, works like a charm, so its a nero issue.
Also updated to latest firmware (BBAH or soemthing).

Is there any other lightscribe writing tools ppl can recommend?


Surething is the best one I have tried so far. I believe there is a free version @ Mine came with my hp 640c.

You need to download the lightscribe engine from either HP or the LS website.

U have any link? I couldnt find on HP website, and i dunno what LS stand for.

LS = Lightscribe

And offcourse the disks you’re using are all LS-disks?

(i’m asking because you said you tried a lot of disks)

No, I have regular disks also.

Yes, I tried Verbatim DVD+R LS, and CD-R LS …
I tried a few verbs i thought maybe disc was broken

Only this other program work with LS… Nero = No Way.
Same message after installing the LS software aswell.

You are putting the disk upside down to use LS are you??

its the LSI update host giving you the error…go to surething and download the LSIupdater from there…do a search on my nick…i have solved the LS in nero thru some help from ppl at cdrinfo… :D:D

can you help me, can’t find the solution to the nero and lightscribe problem


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that Nero 7 just doesn’t recognize that a Lightscribe drive is installed because – surprise, surprise – we’re using a pre-release Nero 7. I uninstalled Nero 7, used the general cleanup tool, then installed the Nero 6 OEM software that came with my new I/O Magic Lightscribe drive. Finally worked.


When can we hope to see a firmware upgrade for the 1625? Could you please ask your sources? :slight_smile:

I had the same problem. Nero wouldn’t recognize my Philips DVDR12LS as a Lightscribe drive. But with the latest release,, Lightscribe is no problem. There is also no need for additional software, such as LS-host, as it where with the previous version.