Need alternate for XCopy

I have always used one version or another of XCopy, most recent is platinum. I have never had problems copying movies til recently. I have been getting errors during the initial reading of most movies saying, “error reading sector, whatever number at the time.” Sector is usually different each run. :doh: I was told to try ANYDVD with it and that did work for a while. Now newer movies I buy just don’t seem to work at all. I want something that is as simple as X. I read about a prog for ripping, one for compressing and a 3rd for burning. Is all this neccesary? Is there something that I can just start up to copy the movie and then insert blank media and burn like X does? For me and time simple is better. And is ANYDVD required to run with other progs? Please help, thnx! :bow:

Sure! A great one is CloneDVD. And yes, it needs AnyDVD otherwise it will not copy any CSS-protected movie (that is, almost every one :eek: ).

I’m talking about a transcoder, of course (DVD-9 to DVD-5)…
If you want to make “1:1” copies (DVD-9 TO DVD DL), the combo B + DVD Decrypter + ImgBurn[/B] is the recommended one (last two proggies are freeware).


I’m talking about a transcoder, of course (DVD-9 to DVD-5)…
If you want to make “1:1” copies (DVD-9 TO DVD DL)

Okay, now I’m getting confused. Hope that doesn’t sound too dumb. I’m one of those point and click kinda people. lol

Sorry. :slight_smile:
I mean: if you want to keep your DVD “as is”, without removing extras, audio tracks, degrading video quality etc., you can use the more expensive “double layer” DVDs (DVD+R DL or DVD-R DL). In this context, CloneDVD (or any other transcoder) is not the more appropriate tool, it is better to use a program oriented to “DVD copying” like DVD Decrypter (alone or together with the newer writing engine called ImgBurn).

In both scenarios I recommend AnyDVD running in background since it does a great job in “hiding” the various kinds of copy protection of the originals.

Hope this helps, :slight_smile:


The only program I use to copy DVD’s is DVD Shrink, its never let me down, ever.

Sorry if I confused you. :slight_smile:

My recommendation is having in any case [I]AnyDVD[/I] running in background.
Then, to backup your movies to DVD+R or DVD-R I’d say you have two main options:

[li] [I]CloneDVD[/I], produced by Elaborate Bytes and sold also by SlySoft (who makes AnyDVD). It has a very easy interface, I love it. Take a look at this cool guide by [I]MadBob[/I] (it has more than 400.000 views! :eek: ).
[/li][li] [I]DVD Shrink[/I], as [I]ashmo[/I] pointed out. It is a freeware great tool, but its development has been stopped. It removes basic CSS protection but of course it’s not up-to-date with latest protection (ARccOS by Sony, etc.), so I still recommend AnyDVD with it.



must agree here clonedvd2 is a great tool , shrink is good and free too , but the main question is what do you want??? from your backups !!! as for anydvd this is a must have in my own opinion dont forget the likes of clone and 1click have free trials and anydvd as a free 21 day trial too use them / try them after all they are free and this will indeed help you make your mind up. maybe there is some special offers knocking about too :wink: