Need advise on new DVD recorder

Hi, I hope this is the right place to ask this:

I am looking to buy a new DVD recorder. I have one now that is no longer working. I’ve had it for 2 years, and it won’t record anymore. I receive a “disc error” message every time now. My main reason for owning one is to transfer all of my home family videos onto DVD.

I am looking for one that is simple to use, and reliable. I would also like it if it would let you see thumbnail pictures in the index, and let you pick a FAVORITE SCENE SELECTION, instead of just the first scene. I’d also like it to have the option to make titles.

I don’t need any of the other fancy stuff, like editing, skipping commercials, etc. Just a simple recorder to transfer my home videos, with options to make titles, and thumbnail pictures.

The one I have now is a Philips DVDR75/17, so I do NOT want that brand/model again. Can someone suggest one to me? I would like to go and look at them this weekend, or very soon. Thanks!

LG DR4912V (Multiformat). It has all the functions that you have mentioned and very easy to use.

Details about the Recorder are here:

Thank you so much - I’ll look into that one. It sounds just like what I’m looking for.