Need advise: Lite-On LH-18A1H, Samsung SH-S183A or Pioneer DVR-111D



I need a new DL-burner and these are the interesting ones that are on sale in my town.

Lite-On LH-18A1H
Samsung SH-S183A
Pioneer DVR-111D

According to reviews and forum input these seem to be the negative aspects (that I care about):

Lite-On: Noisy and questionable QA.
Samsung: Questionable DL-quality.
Pioneer: Does not support Bitsetting on DVD+R. Media compabilty on DVD+.

I will mostly burn DVD+ media. But also DVD+DL. Some cds as well. Will not rip that often.

Can you recommend any of the above for me? Or I am to order a LG H22 or LH-20A (if it has a less noisy engine)?



I do not have hands on experience with the LO or Sam. I have read less than good things about the Samsung. If you are a scanner, the Lite-On is reported the best. I have the Pio 111d, cross-flashed to a 111L, which makes book setting DVD+R to DVD-ROM automatic. It is also on sale with free shipping at Newegg. FWIW.


I went for the 111D. As of now a 111L. I think it’ll fulfill all my needs :slight_smile: