Need advise for best discs to use with LVW-5025GHC

Not had any sound problems todate with my LVW-5025GHC recorder but I am finding I cannot record to “one” of my CD-R’s but OK with he other.
The guide suggests looking at the Liteon wedsite for approved disc manufacturers but I cannot find it.
Can anyone advise best discs for LVW-5025GHC please.

The Lite-On LVW-5025GHC has a very similar internal DVD writer to the LVW-5045, so I would recommend going by this media list on Lite-On’s website:

So far, I have recorded to Tevion, Sky, FujiFilm and several TDK CD-R’s without any issue. When it comes to DVDs, I have very good experience with Verbatim DVD+R and Datawrite DVD-R media. In fact, the only media I encountered issues with is DVD+RW media, particularly the recorder’s included disc.