Need advise as to a good program to convert my jpeg photos to VCR

I would like to know what the best program(s)
I should use to convert my jpeg pictures from a digital camera into a VCD slide show.

I have now made it work with a program from Ulead called DVD Picture Show but I also want to be able to add titles or discriptions to each slide and then also have the option of adding mp3 or other sound format audio to each slide in order to give an explanation of the slide.

Finally I want to be able to pop it into my DVD player which only supports a very simple standard VCD
(nothing fancy or it does not recognise the CD)

I am sure that someone out there has done all this, can you help me?


Originally posted by rronne
[B]I am sure that someone out there has done all this, can you help me?

:bow: [/B]

If you are so sure, have you tried our search to find out?

I say this because I know that it has been discussed on this forum before…

Try searching on ‘jpg AND vcd’

The only way I have ever done it was by using Premiere, you can simply drag the photos onto the timeline and create a video, but if they’re not the same dimensions as the video you’re going to output, it “streches” them, so it would be best to crop and add any captions using photo imagind software.

You should be able to add audio in Premiere


Yes I have checked the search, even though I am a newbie - and the search did not come up with any real usable results. (although it might if I could read German or Italian - but since I can not :confused: )

However, I did think your message was a little out of place, before you posted it YOU should have done a search for jpg vcd, that way maybe you could help someone that is not farmiliar with this site.


WinonCD 3.8SE or higher