Need advide about Moviecenter purchase


My boss have 500+ original movies and he travel a lot with an external 1TB hard drive with 200 movies copied, he can play trough his laptop.

He want a device to be added to his home theater so he can play all the 500 movies using the remote.

I don’t know if an appliance, device or system exists who allows to copy all his dvds to an internal hard drive and play the movies directly in the big plasma screen with the remote.

Any advice or idea, brand or model of equipment where we can save lot of movies to hard drive and play it instead of switch dvd disks again and again?:wink:

Popcorn Hour?

[QUOTE=DiiZzY;2123722]Popcorn Hour?

Thanks very much. A friend just recommends me high end video media centers and video servers from the following brands:

But the price seems very expensive. Your recommendation is 5 stars! Just one question, do you know if with this device I can connect an USB hard drive (1 tera) with ISO files (dvds) and just play it?

Regards and Thanks!:iagree: