Need advice

there are so many burners and i just cant chose which one to buy…
can someone help me chose an IDE burner that works well with DL CD’s.
tnx :slight_smile:

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This question was asked thousands of times, but the answer is always the same: there is no answer :frowning:

The best burner for you is related on the way you want to use it.

For example: Do you need to write on RAM discs? Do you need to do quality test of your burned discs? Do you need to burn more CDs or DVDs? Do you have a large budget?

Can you give more details? :slight_smile:

tnx for the quick answer. :slight_smile:
i just need to burn many dvd’s and DL dvd’s and not so many cd’s.
my budget is 30-50$… but i dont know what are the prices…

I think that a good drive for you then is a Pioneer 112 :slight_smile:

There are no “DL CDs”.

Have you look for online reviews of various dvd DL burners that your interested in? I would look brand name drives to start off with and where you live to find one that is available in your area. I have a liteon drives and they worked out well for me so far. They are a older 832S and 20A1H drives. As stated by chef they only make DVD+R DL media that I found so far at the stores in the states here. You should go and lookt at the electronics store and see what model and brands they have out for sell to give you some ideas as to what your looking for and what to spend. But also look online for the same model and compare what you see and what you get in packages and if you can get customer reviews on that particular model. Each drives has good and bad points on it and prices sometimes determine what the drive has built into the drive itself. So take your time and get a little research on the drives themselves and narrow them down and invest more time as to what do you want the drive to do and what do you need in way of hardware or software to make it work properly for your needs. Always research they drives you like to get and so that it will full fill your needs now and in coming days ahead.

i ment DL dvds…

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The drive I suggest is the Pioneer DVR-112D.
It is IDE, does a great job with DVD’s. In particular DL.
Does a good job with CDRs too.
Just no scanning.
Which as it is a very good burner with a wide range of media, is not too great a sacrifice anyway.

tnx guys, i bought Pioneer DVR-112D and it cost me 40$. :slight_smile: