Need advice

Here’s the deal:
I’d like to buy a new recorder (currently own plex 708uf) but don’t know which one :confused:

I’m looking for DL, for speed, but above all quality, LS or LF. If it helps, i prefer +R media :wink:

I’ve a list of some i think’re good but need an advice of experts :stuck_out_tongue:

pio 111 (think a LS version will come out)
nec 4571
lite-on 16h5

or some other (like plex or lg)

i’ll be waiting for your opinions an advices

Thanks for any help :iagree:

Have you also considered the BenQ DW1650? There are many opinions around it but I ordered one myself recently and I believe it to be a close-to-excelent drive :slight_smile:

I’m currently drooling over the Pio 111…:bigsmile:

if pioneer will support LS or LF maybe i’ll buy it, considering the burning quality.
you guys surely know this but its interesting:
can this be done with 111D?

i really liked the liteon 16h5 results (believe it’s a good burner), and i’m liking the progress of 4571 firmware/quality

Where did u ordered your 1650? (i believe i’m almost your neighbour) i’d prefer to go buy it in hand, because i did have problems recently…
Anyway if i buy a BenQ, i’d buy 1655

I ordered it at (I believe they have 1655 too but it’s more expensive and I’m hopeful that in a near future someone will come up with a way to crossflash 1650 to 1655 and still get LS :bigsmile: ).

Where are you from exactly? :slight_smile:

i’m from maceira (near marinha grande).

they have the 1655, but i’m a bit relutant on buying it. i’d love the nec 4571 (if it’s firm wasn’t so buggy with some media) 'cause i prefer LF…
is there a new (corrected) firmware for it? (ie. from liggy)

can pioneer 111d be crossflashed to have labelflash capabilities?

Not yet. Read the posts in the thread you quoted yourself!