Need advice : want to buy a 2nd burner!

i already have a sony dru 800 a and planning on buyin another one

after reading all of the forums i would go w/ the benq 1640 (tell me if i should buy someother drive or some other model of the benq)

i want to know if it has enough media support (a list which it support would be nice )” (the media support list for my current burner)

i get the following media from here

verbatim , sony , maxell , imation (will they be fine w/ the benq as they are working well w/ my sony all of them are dvd-r)

i dont plan to overburn anything … just want to burn dvd-r +r for data archieving and xbox/ps2 games

dvd dl is a plus feature ! but i just want everything to be smooth :slight_smile: (things are smooth w/ my current burner)

You might not be able to find a benq 1640 anymore. If you know someone that has them there are other members that would probably like to know where (personally I got a plextor rebadged benq 1640 a little while back). They are defanatlly good drives (probably do a bit beter job that your sony which is a liteon).
Verbatium should work just fine (it’s very good media), with sony, while I think the sony media codes are decent (what most of the made in tiawan stuff is), I think most would prefer made in japan sony’s (taiyo yuden). With maxells, defanatlly only get packs that are labeled made in japan (the exception is 4x+r though you will probably never run across any anymore). I’m not so sure about imation. Fyi I would follow those recomendations (particularlly the made in japan for maxell, unless they are 4x+r) for use with your current drive or whatever new one you get.

i live in Pakistan , and the local computer shop has them !

i just called them up , they said they are out of benq as some new stock is coming which i would get to know after 2 days ! … just a week before they had the 1640’s !

i would like to know if the new lightscribe is better than the 1640? or should i just go w/ 1640

we dont get any made in japan media here :frowning: ! everything is taiwan … and the scans are pretty good too … the verbatim is taiwan w/ MCC 02RG20 code and the sony w/ 08d1 … both are working pretty fine up till now … i`m working on getting the ty’s made in japan if some relative visits pakistan nexttime

i would like to know how how your plextor is a benq ? (pretty strange cause i dont see same thread optical section for each)

edit : should i go w/ the new benq 1655 lightscribe or the 1640 (if both are aviable ?)

I wasn’t sure if you were farmiliar with media codes. Any mcc media codes are good. I think the sony media codes are decent though many go after the ty’s (not avalable to you of course). Maxell made in tiawan can be ritek which personally I would stay away from. I’m not sure what speeds of media are avalable there but maxell 4x+r made in tiawan are usally ricohjpnr01 which I think are very good media.
As far as the drives, the benq 1655 are too new for me to have heard much about (though I think most people are expecting them to be good). There are a few threads about them in the benq forum that might be of help. The 1640 is of course a good drive. You might have to wait till a few more people have the 1655’s to know for sure on them (maybe I just havent read up enough yet).
Plextor has it’s own forum because many plextor drives are plextors (they are made by plextor). The plextor px-740a however is a rebadged benq 1640 (thats the one I have). The sony dru-810a is also a rebadged benq1640 if I am not mistaken. I am running plextor firmware right now, but so far I am pretty impressed with the drive (and the benq 1640 is pretty much known to be a good drive). I really cannot say if the 1655 is beter or worse though. I can tell you one thing though. Avoide the benq dq60. It is not even made by benq and is a real piece of crap from what everyone is saying.

thanks for the info … guess ill wait for an official cdfreak review on the new benq or keep checking that benq thread often!

I read that the DQ60 was drive designed & manufactured by BENQ drive for branding & marketting by TEAC, but using totally different chips/internals, compared to the standard BENQ 16XY range .

Given that most benq owners (except me) consider the BENQ 16XY line a winner, could a completely new designed model, with unfamiliar chips & internals be an improvement over the established BENQ line?

Everything I have heard from people that have owned the dq60 so far is that they are crap. Of course being a new line of drives, perhaps we just havent figured out how to tweak/mod them yet and or it is something fixable like firmware problems (also a posibility with a new line of drives using a new chipset). Have you heard of any users that have had good results with them (I have only seen a few people psoting that have gotten them).

Hi …i am newbie to the site and love all the comments and info passed around. Was thinking of starting a new thread - Planning to buy new DVD burner as my present one seems to be broke (does not recognize any media). After all the comments can someone summerize (noted that BENQ 1640 is the best) which one is prefered and any links where they can be brought for a good deal. Appreciate all your help,

1640/1655 are fine! go for it!

Ultimate, I would recommend the BenQ DW-1655 Lightscribe, or the DW-1650 (does not have Lightscribe) if your shop in Pakistan has it. The 1650 or 1655 is better than the 1640, as the 1650 or 1655 fixed some 16x burn issues with 16x media the 1640 still has. In general, the 1650 has seemed to perform slightly better than the 1655 in burn quality scans, although the 1655 also got a newer firmware (f/w) just like the 1650. In general, getting the 1650 (again, if it is available at that shop) should save you a little money, because it will not have the Lightscribe feature (that allows one to burn images on Lightscribe media in the BenQ 1655 drive). :wink:

Newegg is your best bet in the US, I’m not really not sure where would be good in India. There really is not any one best drive. Among the beter drives, each has its own strong points and weak points. Beng is one of the beter all around burners right now but certainlly not the only choice. Benq or nec are probably the most popular. Lg is good also and the newest model liteons seem to be good (they had a few models that were a little under par for a little while thought they were not crap or anything). Plextors and pioneers are good but do not have as much of a following as they are a lot more expensive, and it is debatable (some say it is, some say it isn’t) weather they offer anything to justify the higher price.
There are defanatlly some crappy ones to avoid like btc and aopen too. I would see what models of nec and benq drives are avalable there and ask about them or check out the reviews here. Look at the last page of the reviews. They kind of spell out the strong and weak points so you can get an idea of how diffrent good drives compare.

How about HP DVD640i? can someone shed some light on that and is $79.99 a good price for it. Thank you.

Sounds like that one could be a liteon, benq or lg. If benq, its probably a 1625, I’m not sure on the liteon or lg. In general, rebadged drives like this are defanatlly more expensive that just geting the actual drive (not rebadged), but I guess it depends on what is avalable to you.
Here are a couple of threads discussing what they are but it doesn’t seem there is any solid concensus.

It might be a little bit of a crap shoot with that drive unless someone else knows for sure how to identify them and can post.

Well i am able to get Benq DW1655 for $55 from I guess that would be the best bet for now. I am yet to burn my first DVD and i have(was already defective) broken the present burner or atleast it does not recognise any media. Any one knows why this happens. Thank you for all the help.

And said people have probably never heard of quality scanning anyway, and probably rushed out to try out all those $5 per 50 spindle discs and expected wonders.
My experience with TEAC gear has always been positive -> Cheap but good.

Most of the verbal people seem to have the IQ’s of fleas with learning disabilities, so I’m not going to judge the new BenqDQ60 yet until someone actually does a proper review :slight_smile:

Most likely. Of course, BENQ have had a good line of drives so far, so I’m sure their techies can tweak them after a few firmware releases :wink:
And I’m sure someone will start patching the firmwares pretty quickly too :wink:

Yea I was kind of suprized to hear people having problems considering benq’s track record. I guess well just have to see how they develop. For now though, I still kind of think that a 1640/1650/1655 might be a little beter bet for a newbie till we know for sure on the dq60’s and see how things develop.

thx , that helps a lot :slight_smile:

Someone from INDIA help!