Need advice to buy Sony cd duplicator

Greeting all…Nice to meet you all…I am impressed with your organization…I am really scarred have to get this CD out next week…need help to know which duplicator to buy…nice to meet you

Created a small program and want to replicate it. Don’t have much money and saw the Sony18x Duplicator and the Sony52x for under $200

Does any one know if this is a solid brand to go with? I want to buy the Sony52x…Can’t find any reviews…

They’ll be less than 100 CD’s made monthly, so the 1 to 1 is fine.

I was going to buy it online at the any thoughts and ideas are very appreciated!



Oh Hi again…Thank you for your time…I see I really do need help I just noticed that Sony is not the manufacturer of the Duplicator machine it is who is…(I would not want to buy that) :disagree:

I guess I need to know please what a solid brand to go with for a CD duplicator under $240 and a safe place to buy…I feel uncomfortable since I know little to nothing about this…

Thank you again!

PS it is for a small Java educational application

one final thing I hope…the program that I want to burn is a game that I wrote in Javaa does not have much audio files but lots of image files…just thought this could help…thank you guys… :clap:

I was not able to get on person to respond to my question, but through God’s grace I found my answer and just wanted to post it so that anyone who might have the same problem can find it. Perhaps you all did not respond because you thought I might duplicate somebody’s stuff. I respect that, although that was not the issue.

Here is a link to the answer from the web site home recoding connection:

and here is the best answer to the person’s problem:

Mar 28, 2007 10:15 pm

Other then Rimage which I agree build the best duplicator’s around MicroBoards would be my second choice. I use mostly their media and have used facility’s that run their machines.

Those are probably the top two manufacturers as far as durability and standing behind their products go

God speed