Need advice on video-card purchase

I am looking to purchase a videocard between the $120-150 range.

I DO NOT need a Radeon 9700 or some other suprer-power, just a card that has good value to performance.

What would be your suggestions about a good mid-range card to buy?

I have looked over the Radeon 9000 Pro extensively, is this card any good?

I have a straight Radeon 9000 and I don’t have problems.
It has directx 8.1 support which is good for all the latest games.

I haven’t checked the specs recently, but I have no problems with it yet.

I have windows 98 (original), windows2000 and windows XP pro, and it works wonderfully on all.

One complaint is a few artifacts (cracks between tecture sections) in the sky tectures in a few games, but I’m not running the latest drivers either, just the drivers from the cd.

Yeah, go for Radeon 9000. I think thats the only good card you can get in the market. GF4 MXs sucks ! Add another 100 bucks and you can get Radeon 9000 Pro or 8500.

Radeon 9000 Pro is the faster version of Radeon 9000 but I think 8500 is a better
card. Why don’t you get a GF4 Ti 4200 ? has a MSI Geforce4 ti4200 for $132.00 and free shipping. This card is much better than the ATI 9000.

I found Radeon 9000 Pro 128MB (from ATI, OEM version) for $95.00 on I think I will order this one.